Why RWW Group Chose To Be Located In Leeton


Leeton, a picturesque town nestled in the Riverina region of New South Wales, Australia, holds a special place in the heart of RWW Group. Situated in the renowned Murrumbidgee Irrigation Area, Leeton is a town with rich history and a thriving community built on the foundations of agriculture and food production. In this blog, we will delve into the significance of Leeton, explore its vibrant community, and understand why RWW Group chose this remarkable location for its operations.


A Town Rooted in Agriculture and Innovation:

Designed by the visionary architect Walter Burley Griffin, Leeton was purpose-built in the early 20th century to support the irrigation schemes initiated by the New South Wales government. This region flourished as one of the most productive farming areas in the state, and Leeton emerged as the administrative Centre of the Leeton Shire Council.

The Leeton Shire is renowned for its diverse agricultural landscape, featuring citrus orchards, rice fields, cotton farms, grape vineyards, walnut groves, and wheat fields. Proudly known as Australia’s Rice Capital, Leeton is also hailed as The Heart of SunRice Country, housing the headquarters of SunRice corporation, a prominent food exporter.

Additionally, the town is home to major companies such as Arnott’s Biscuits, the Daily Drinks Company, JBS Australia, Webster Limited, and Murrumbidgee Irrigation Limited, fostering economic growth and employment opportunities.Why RWW Group Chose Leeton: When RWW Group sought to expand its reach into regional NSW, Leeton emerged as the ideal hub. Strategically located, Leeton connects major cities like Sydney, Canberra, and Melbourne, allowing us to deliver our products overnight efficiently. Our commitment to serving the needs of rural communities and our belief in the importance of supporting local economies made Leeton a natural choice for our operations.

Embracing the Leeton Community

At RWW Group, we understand the significance of community and the importance of fostering strong relationships. That’s why we proudly employ over 40 staff members from Leeton and the surrounding areas. By offering employment opportunities, we aim to contribute to the growth and prosperity of the community we call home.

Our Commitment to Leeton’s Heritage and Land

As a company deeply rooted in the workwear industry, RWW Group recognises the unique demands of the agricultural sector. We are dedicated to providing specialised workwear solutions that prioritise durability, protection, and comfort, ensuring that farmers and workers in Leeton and beyond can tackle their tasks with confidence.