With over 20 years of experience, RWW Group is a trusted partner for medium to large companies in Australia, offering a comprehensive range of apparel and PPE. As an industry leader, we prioritise technology innovation to simplify our customer's ordering and management process.

This commitment ensures cost efficiencies and product rationalisation through a single source partner. From custom-designed uniforms to advanced workwear management systems, we strive to meet your specific needs and exceed expectations. With a focus on quality, reliability, and customer satisfaction, RWW Group is your ultimate destination for all your workwear requirements. Serving various sectors such as construction, mining, transport, manufacturing and many more.

Our services include embroidery and printing for personalised branding, custom-designed uniforms tailored to your specifications, individual pre-packaging, on-site uniform and footwear fitting, pre-vending machine solutions for easy access to workwear, and the implementation of Dataspace for efficient uniform management. Additionally, we provide on-site PPE awareness and education sessions to ensure safety compliance.

in house

At RWW Group, we prioritise quality when delivering embroidered workwear and custom uniforms. Our state-of-the-art embroidery process ensures precise logo placement and additional stitches, ensuring your logo looks exceptional.

Additionally, our direct-to-garment digital printing provides versatility for your print run, making it ideal for short print runs, low-volume orders, and logos with multiple colours. Trust us to deliver top-notch workwear solutions that showcase your brand in the best possible way.



We understand your brand is crucial to your identity and perception, so we go the extra mile to ensure your logo stands out. Adding additional stitches to your logo design guarantees that your uniforms and PPE gear will showcase your brand with the same, if not improved, quality as your printed uniforms. Since 1993, we have been dedicated to supplying top-quality products and expert embroidery services.



RWW Group is known for its expertise in digital printing. Our unwavering commitment to quality ensures that your workwear and standardised uniforms will be produced to the highest standards. As one of Australia's leading B2B uniform and PPE suppliers, RWW Group boasts an expansive in-house operation that is equipped to handle your needs, delivering the precise print quality you desire.



Sublimation printing is a unique process that uses heat to fuse ink and fabric together seamlessly. The design is initially printed onto a special paper using special inks. When subjected to heat, these inks transform into a gas and bond with the fabric, creating a permanent print. This method allows for vibrant, high-quality designs that do not fade or peel over time with exceptional clarity and durability.

custom designed

Speak with our design team for quick responses to all your custom-made workwear requirements. Our industry-specific ranges have been tailored with years of experience, generating ideas for your needs.

RWW Group offers a one-stop solution for custom-made workwear, with in-house designers ready to create a unique look for your brand. Infuse your workplace with style and brand-forward thinking by opting for custom-designed workwear. With a brief consultation, you can explore the wide range of custom workwear, and corporate uniform options available. Let our experience work for you, as RWW Group has a long history of delivering workwear. Contact us to get started today.

Custom Designed Uniforms


At RWW Group, we understand the importance of timely delivery for your protective clothing and workwear needs. While the industry average is 7-14 days from order placement to dispatch, we have built our business around efficiency and automation to streamline our processes. With an average order fulfilment time of just five days, we aim to minimise wait times for employees on-site, ensuring they receive their correct protective clothing promptly after induction.

Our priority is to provide quick and efficient processes, allowing you to reap the rewards of prompt service and timely product delivery. Trust us to meet your requirements and keep your workforce suited and booted without delays.

Individual Pre-packaging
Onsite Uniform & Footwear Fitting


RWW Group offers comprehensive onsite solutions to address the challenges of managing PPE wearables (including footwear) and fitting employees with proper uniforms and workwear. With a large workforce, it's crucial to have sufficient stock on hand for high-demand items. We understand interruptions can impact productivity, so having ample stock is vital for seamless operations. Our specialised team provides onsite fittings to over 10,000 employees annually, ensuring your workforce's comfortable and professional appearance.

With our focus not just on footwear, we offer a range of options to meet your needs. From onsite fittings with tent change rooms to streamlined processes for sizing, we prioritise efficiency and convenience.

If alterations are required, our team will take the necessary details during the fitting and adjust before any branding is applied.Choose RWW Group as your partner for seamless onsite fittings, quality workwear, and PPE solutions. With our expertise and commitment to customer satisfaction, we ensure your employees feel confident, comfortable, and adequately equipped for their work.


Enhance workplace safety and efficiency with RWW Group's onsite PPE vending machines. These machines provide easy access to essential wearables, ensuring your staff can quickly obtain personal protective equipment. Efficient PPE distribution is vital with the ongoing need for heightened safety measures.

By installing a PPE vending machine at your workplace, you can address challenges related to wastage and distribution. Instead of staff having to retrieve PPE from a designated storage area, they can conveniently access it directly from the vending machine. This saves time and reduces product wastage. Furthermore, the vending machines enable you to track and record PPE usage, fostering accountability and cost-saving data.

RWW Group's PPE machines operate through smartcards or FOBs issued to staff, which are used to access PPE items. Transactions are recorded, creating a comprehensive vendor history report that includes details such as the vending machine location, date and time of dispensing, employee information, and the type of PPE item dispensed.

This data provides valuable insights for monitoring and management purposes.Implementing PPE vending machines brings a range of benefits, including reduced wastage, streamlined monitoring processes, increased staff accountability, and the elimination of the need for dedicated personnel for PPE distribution.

Pre Vending Machines Australia

How Do PPE Vending Machines

- Request a vending machine.
- Choose your range.
- RWW configures the machine.
- We deliver & install.
- We perform a vending machine induction.
- Your ready to go!

What Are The Benefits of PPE Machines?

- 24 Access to PPE.
- Control & reporting of stock.
- No wastage.
- Save on labour.
- Pre-determined limits per employee.
- Complete visibility!

DataSpace Mobile


RWW Group's cutting-edge employee management portal for uniform and PPE control. Initially developed in 2010 as an online ordering system for one of our significant customers, GrainCorp Operations, Dataspace has evolved into a comprehensive platform that revolutionises uniform management.Experience the unparalleled capabilities of Dataspace, the most advanced solution for uniform allocation and budget control.

This exclusive system, meticulously crafted by RWW Group, streamlines apparel management and cost control, providing a hassle-free experience for your organisation.

Unlock the full potential of Dataspace and take control of your uniform and PPE management. Contact RWW Group today to learn more about this state-of-the-art platform and how it can transform your employee uniform procurement processes.


Ensure workplace safety with RWW Group’s Onsite Product Awareness Days. 

Our dedicated team conducts comprehensive training sessions to help your staff select the appropriate safety products for their specific tasks. From safety eyewear, prescription eyewear, and gloves to respiratory and hearing protection, we cover your entire range of personal protective equipment (PPE). 

Empower your employees with the knowledge they need to stay safe and perform their duties effectively. Trust RWW Group to enhance safety practices through targeted PPE awareness training. 

Contact us today to schedule an Onsite Product Awareness Day and equip your team with the right safety products for every job.

At RWW Group, we understand the importance of equipping your staff with the right safety products for every job. That's why we offer onsite product awareness days that cover the entire range of personal protective equipment (PPE), including safety eyewear, prescription eyewear, gloves, respiratory gear, and hearing protection. Our goal is to ensure that your employees have a clear understanding of which products are suitable for each application, promoting a safer work environment.

Taking Workplace Safety to the Next Level.

In addition to general safety training, including first aid and on-the-job safety, we deliver specialised PPE awareness training. Our tailored programs are designed to help your staff stay safe and protected while carrying out their duties.

Critical PPE Education for Maximum Protection.

PPE encompasses a wide range of clothing, equipment, and materials that are specifically designed to minimise the risk of injury or illness. This includes hearing protection, eyewear, helmets, and reflective clothing. As an employer, you are responsible for providing suitable protective wear for each job and ensuring that you have an adequate supply on hand. Moreover, it is crucial that your employees understand how to properly use and maintain their PPE. At RWW Group, we deliver targeted PPE education that equips your staff with the knowledge they need to keep themselves safe.

Expertise You Can Rely On.

When promoting a safety-first culture in your workplace, having the support of industry experts can make all the difference. At RWW, our consultants and specialist partners are dedicated to providing you with the highest competency-based workplace safety training. We cover a wide range of areas, including confined space entry, working at height, fire safety, and emergency response training. Whether your business requires general safety training or specific PPE awareness training, RWW Group can assist you.

Take the Next Step Towards a Safer Workplace.

Don't leave the safety of your employees to chance. Partner with RWW Group and benefit from our expertise in delivering comprehensive safety training and PPE education. Contact us today to take your workplace safety to the next level.