A Challenge Worth Tackling

The Spark Health & Safety Director leading the North East Link project faced a significant challenge. They needed a system that would provide quick and easy access to PPE on-site, manage and control stock levels effectively, offer stock replenishment programs, and provide comprehensive reports on employee uniforms and PPE usage. RWW Group was up for the challenge and had a game-changing solution in mind.

Introducing the "MYSTORE powered by DATASPACE"

The heart of RWW Group's solution is the innovative "MYSTORE" functionality in Dataspace, designed to streamline Uniform/Workwear/Apparel/PPE distribution. This new feature within Dataspace simplifies the process by enabling companies to access/track/distribute and stock Uniform/Workwear/Apparel/PPE using QR code and product barcode scanning. Seamlessly integrated with RWW Group's industry-leading software, Dataspace, "MYSTORE" takes control of stock min/max levels and replenishment cycles. As a result, Uniform/Workwear/Apparel/PPE store rooms remain well-stocked and organised, ensuring that the necessary safety gear is readily accessible. This approach promotes both safety and efficiency at the North East Link worksite, providing peace of mind for the entire team.

A Commitment to Innovation

RWW Group is proud to participate in this monumental project, contributing groundbreaking solutions through the Dataspace Software and "MYSTORE". This innovative approach is positively impacting the Victorian community while supporting one of the largest civil projects in the state. Beyond the North East Link project, the capabilities of Dataspace and the integrated "MYSTORE" extend across various industries, including airlines, security, transport, utilities, and many more.

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Experience the future of PPE management with RWW Group's "MYSTORE", and let's create a safer and more efficient workplace together.

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