In 2016, Water NSW approached RWW Group with challenges they were facing in procuring uniforms and PPE, as well as the need for a supply partner who could provide onsite fitting services to their remote sites in NSW and deliver products in a timely manner. At the time, Water NSW was also preparing to launch a new name and branding.

Over the next three years, RWW Group provided Water NSW with a streamlined uniform and safety supply program, resulting in significant cost savings in both hard and soft admin costs. These savings were further improved when the e-commerce integration between Water NSW's internal intranet and RWW Group's Dataspace uniform management software was streamlined.


One of the key aspects of RWW Group's solution was providing onsite fittings for over 450 Water NSW staff across 20 different locations in NSW.

This ensured that employees received properly fitted uniforms that met their specific requirements. In addition, RWW Group's Dataspace uniform management software was seamlessly integrated with Water NSW's internal intranet. This integration streamlined the ordering process, further reducing administrative burdens and improving efficiency.