Border Express was facing communication and customer service issues with their current apparel and PPE supplier, leading them to search for a more efficient and reliable partner.

According to Geoff Luff, Director of Border Express, they were seeking a supplier who could offer unique workwear options that would set them apart from their competitors. In addition, they required an online apparel management portal that would enable them to easily place orders and track staff orders and purchase timeframes, as each employee is allocated a set amount of clothing every 12 months.


The use of a specialized moisture-wicking technology material in a custom-designed polo shirt has enhanced employee comfort, satisfaction and productivity, while also creating a positive impression when interacting with clients. In addition, budgetary control and allocation per employee have led to reduced uniform expenses and an approval process that ensures a controlled spend.

The establishment of TAMS, an online apparel management portal with branch administration ordering authority, has streamlined the ordering process, resulting in faster turnaround times. Pre-branded products held within RWW Group warehouses have further contributed to the efficient supply of uniforms.