The most advanced employee uniform and PPE budget control and uniform allocation platform is now available. Dataspace is the ultimate system in hassle-free uniform management developed exclusively by RWW Group for apparel management and cost control.

RWW Group first developed the Dataspace portal in 2010 as an online uniform ordering system for one of our major customers - GrainCorp Operations. From these early features in apparel procurement, Dataspace has undergone significant enhancements. It has now grown to become a complete employee management portal for uniform and PPE control.

Their on-line system is an invaluable tool for reporting and they are continually looking at new and innovating ways to improve the service they offer.

Evolution Mining

Say goodbye to outdated methods of managing uniforms and PPE requirements. At RWW Group, we understand the challenges of manual processes like spreadsheets and fax/email orders. That's why we've built our business around solving these industry needs.

Through automation, we eliminate errors, double handling, and back-order issues, ensuring faster service for our customers. Our system is designed for companies with large staff and multiple locations. Experience the future of uniform management with RWW Group.

Live Budget Control

Whether you have a set yearly money budget allocation or number of units per employee, Dataspace provides you with complete control over your budgets per employee.No more freebies for mates or over allocation ordering with Dataspace locking down your annual EBA budgets providing you with peace of mind.

Dataspace App

Completely disrupting the general uniform & PPE ordering process, Dataspace’s app allows your employees to request new uniform or PPE which need approval by a pre-set hierarchy of control or order their own uniform with orders flowing through for processing.

With your companies set uniform range and employee EBA allocation and entitlements set against every employee in Dataspace, you remain in complete control whilst putting the ordering back onto the employees.

Live Order Tracking

Through the Dataspace software and the Dataspace app, you can live track your order until delivery. With every status including picking, embroidery/printing, folding, QA check and/or order delivered live updated to your dashboard, you have complete transparency what stage your order is in the supply chain.

24/7 Access to Reports

Are you after reports on spend by employee, cost centre, department or even total spend across the company, Dataspace provides a full suite of reports available for extract 24/7.Simply select the report and the data range required and download to a CSV file.

ERP Integration

With complete integration into third party ERP platforms through staging tables in the cloud, Dataspace can provide you with the most streamlined and efficient ordering process our industry has seen. With no more manual ordering forms or double keying to obtain purchase orders, Dataspace saves you soft costs throughout the ordering process.


The integrated Dataspace dashboard provides a comprehensive view of your procurement logistics, history, and finances all in one convenient location. Whether you're monitoring incoming shipments, restocking supplies, implementing a rebranding strategy, or managing resource budgets, our software simplifies the process by handling the complexities on your behalf.

24/7 Reporting

Pull comprehensive reports with live data on the go. Dataspace’s reporting model gives you access to dynamic system reports at your fingertips.

Budget Control

Gain financial control with flexible budgeting and authorization. Track spending per employee, team, or department for efficient resource allocation.

Brand Asset Management

Elevate your brand image with one centralized asset database. Control uniform logos, colors and styles all in one place for the ultimate in personnel branding.


Our revolutionary apparel management system, Dataspace, designed to revolutionize your uniform and PPE procurement process. With its advanced and purpose-built online software, RWW Group now has over 60,000 employees uploaded onto the platform, offering powerful B2B functionality and an integrated app.

Visibility is key to maintaining control over your procurement process. With Dataspace, you have the power to track and manage your orders with ease, ensuring a smooth and efficient experience.

With Dataspace, we provide complete transparency throughout every stage of your order. Our unique process enables live tracking from picking, quality assurance, embroidery, heat transfers, all the way to individual pre-packaging. This means you can enjoy peace of mind knowing exactly where your order is at any given moment.

DataSpace Logo


The Stock Store-Room Module completes the picture for Dataspace admin users. Once uniform and apparel ranges are established, stock minimum and maximum levels are set by SKU within Dataspace.

As items are allocated to employees, stock levels are tracked in real-time and when minimum stock levels are reached, new orders can be placed at the touch of a button to meet the desired maximum stock holding.

Not only can stock levels be maintained to adequate levels, but individual employee allocation and usage can be tracked for better uniform management reporting and insights.

Brad Firth, General Manager at RWW, highlighted the new Stock Store-Room Module as an innovative addition to their Dataspace platform. He emphasized that efficient uniform management requires a running tally of stock-on-hand and allocation of items. The Stock Store-Room Module simplifies this process by making reordering as easy as a single click to maintain stock levels.

Dataspace has over 80,000 users and 500,000 quality products loaded to the system, providing complete transparency of uniform, workwear and safety gear orders in one easy-to-use platform, supported by an integrated App.

Live tracking of orders provides complete peace of mind about when orders will be delivered, ensuring employees stay safe, well-dressed and on-brand. Dataspace makes it easy to keep track of everything, from employee allocations to budgets to reports, and seamlessly integrates with leading ERP systems.

RWW Group is an obvious choice as the single source partner for workplace apparel, providing top quality globally-sourced products, innovative technology solutions for procurement teams, costs savings, responsive customer service and reliable delivery anywhere in Australia.


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