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World-Class Apparel Management Software

World-Class Apparel Management Software

March 6, 2017 by RWW 0 Comments.

Gone are the days where your receptionist or purchasing officer has to manually record on a spreadsheet your employee’s clothing orders and sizes to keep track of your budget entitlements and allocations. This process is so outdated and old school that we laugh when we hear of companies still managing their uniform and entitlements this way.

Like seriously, when was the last time your purchasing officer’s had to manually write out a purchase order and fax off to your supplier? Maybe back in 1969! The hidden costs associated with manual labour processes is hurting many large organisations when these processes need be replaced with technology to automate and streamline operational processes and reduce these hidden soft costs.

Technology and software development is growing at such a rapid pace in this 21st century that as soon as the latest and greatest software is launched, there is another already in development phase to be launched within 6 months.

Since 2010, RWW Group have been continually developing and launching new features for our market leading Total Apparel Management Software. Utilising this world class software portal;

  • eliminates the need for manual recording on spreadsheet’s your staff clothing orders,
  • provides access to staff ordering history in one click,
  • automatically tracks the budget allocations per staff member and provides current remaining budgets for each staff member,
  • pre-set’s your company clothing range against each staff member to ensure a consistent image is achieved across your workforce.

Adopting the attitude that anything is possible with technology, our world class TAMS system has over 10 new features and integrations in the pipeline for release to users throughout 2017.

Here from what our customers say that enjoy the benefit’s of ordering, tracking and managing their uniform orders through TAMS.

“Their On-line system is an invaluable tool for reporting and they are continually looking at new and innovating ways to improve the service they offer”

“Since the implementation of your online ordering system, it has made the onerous task of uniform ordering easy. We especially like the individual packaging”

RWW Group are ready and here to help you and your company secure control over your uniform and PPE expenditure and provide savings through hard and soft costs.

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