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PPE Vending Machines

PPE vending machines have proven to decrease PPE consumption and spend by 30-50%. If you have over 100 staff accessing a store location for their PPE items, spending time walking to the store and currently not recording the usage by staff member, you may be in the perfect situation to benefit from installing a PPE vending machine. 

PPE Vending Machines Australia – A New Way To Work

Delivering Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) to your staff is essential for their safety. Since the onset of the pandemic, most employers have had to escalate safety measures, including PPE distribution. A PPE vending machine can help drive workplace safety and efficiency.

If your business uses PPE on a large scale, chances are, you are challenged by wastage. If, for example, your staff accesses PPE from a storage area, they may waste time walking to and from the assigned location.

In addition, with unmonitored distribution—where usage is not recorded or tracked—you may suspect or find product wastage or even abuse.

With PPE vending machines onsite, your staff will save time and product wastage, while your business will gain accountability and cost-saving data.

How Do RWW PPE Vending Machines Work?

When you install a PPE machine onsite at your workplace, you maintain ultimate control over your inventory. To begin, you will issue smartcards (or FOBs) for your staff to access PPE items. The vending machine itself is outfitted with electronic readers, connected to your server via onsite LAN (local area network) or GPRS modem (standard SIM card).

From here, every time the vending machine issues a PPE item, it records the transaction and compiles a vendor history report, which shows:

  • vending machine number and location
  • date and time items were dispensed
  • employee name and ID details
  • type of PPE item dispensed

What Are The Benefits of PPE Machines?

PPE vending machines deliver a wide range of benefits, including:

  • reduced wastage and inefficiencies
  • less paperwork for monitoring purposes
  • increased staff accountability/sense of responsibility
  • eliminates the need for an employee assigned to PPE distribution
  • creates a culture of respect for employee well-being—shows your company’s commitment to Occupational Health and Safety
  • card/tag control is made easy—with no stored values, lost or stolen cards or tags are easily deactivated
  • usage is easily controlled, with pre-determined usage levels (per employee, per period, etc) assigned to cards/tags
  • online access to reporting gives management real-time monitoring and itemised report generation

In short, the benefits of introducing PPE machines range from culture boosts to cost savings. In many cases, an added benefit is the reduction of PPE consumption from 30 – 50%.

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