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Offering industry leading technology, Dataspace delivers a custom platform for your procurement needs. Centralised ordering, payment and reporting systems give you complete budget control, optimising cash flow and minimising admin resources. Plus curate and centralise your procurement team with multilayered authority structure, all on one easy dashboard.

Featuring a tailored staff database, not only can you track spend per employee, comprehensive order records cut time spent in reordering and rebranding processes.

Be your best dressed business, everyday.

DATASPACE – Our Revolutionary Apparel Management System

Offering the most advanced and purpose built online apparel management software, RWW Group now have over 37,000 employees uploaded onto our platform.

With powerful B2B functionality and a integrated app, Dataspace was born to make your life easy when it comes to procuring uniforms and PPE.

INFORMER – Total visibility on every order

The unique process developed by RWW Group gives complete transparency of your order though every stage of the process. With live tracking through Picking, QA, Embroidery, Heat Transfers up to the individual pre-pack, you are able to enjoy peace of mind. If your sweating on you order a simple click through the dataspace system and you can pin point the location of your order.

Visibility gives you control.

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Procurement Control On the Go

The streamlined Dataspace dashboard gives a complete overview of your procurement logistics, history and finances in one spot. Whether you’re tracking incoming shipments, replenishing supplies, rolling out a rebrand or preparing resource budgets, our software does the hard work for you.

  • 24/7 Reporting

    Pull comprehensive reports with live data on the go. Dataspace’s reporting model gives you access to dynamic system reports at your fingertips.

  • Budget control

    Flexible budget structuring and autorisation give you complete control over your finances. Track your spend per employee, per team or per department and set resourcing limits for financial efficiency.

  • Brand asset management

    Elevate your brand image with one centralised asset database. Control uniform logos, colours and styles all in one place for the ultimate in personnel branding.

Why Dataspace is the Platform of Choice

Gone are the days of managing uniform and PPE requirements manually through spreadsheets and lodging an order by fax or email.

We purposely built our business around solving the industry and human need. We have automated a large portion of our business to remove many areas of contention, be that human error in order processing, double handling and quality assurance of uniforms, and back-order supply issues with manufacturers. All of these create longer wait times for the customer. By perfecting and automating our internal processes, we can scale and grow no matter how big the customer demand.

We removed all areas of contention by building an online platform, Dataspace, that manages all aspects of your uniform needs.

Our customers love using Dataspace for the following reasons:

1. Quick supply times
2. Efficiency and quality control around access to real-time data 24/7
3. Reporting on demand
4. Internal cost savings through control of budget
5. Quality Assurance guaranteed as the complete order must be lodged before progressing
6. Cost Management per employee
7. Brand and image protection
8. Compliance with local Safety Standards
9. No mismatched orders
10. Reduction in administrative duties manually handling bulk orders
11. Order history
12. Live tracking of orders
13. Live chat for better customer support in real-time
14. Order integration and recognition, saving time pulling information from the purchase order

Our Clients

Exceeding our clients’ expectations is a commitment and built into the RWW Group culture. It goes beyond providing consistent quality and reliability to delivering lasting value through strategic partnerships.

What you get

The system is primarily designed for companies that have a large number of
staff and multiple locations with multiple purchasing staff.

  •   Live Budget Control

  • Dataspace App

  • Live Order Tracking

  • 24/7 Access to Reports

  • ERP Integration

Live Budget Control

Whether you have a set yearly money budget allocation or number of units per employee, Dataspace provides you with complete control over your budgets per employee.No more freebies for mates or over allocation ordering with Dataspace locking down your annual EBA budgets providing you with peace of mind.

Dataspace App

Completely disrupting the general uniform & PPE ordering process, Dataspace’s app allows your employees to request new uniform or PPE which need approval by a pre-set hierarchy of control or order their own uniform with orders flowing through for processing.

With your companies set uniform range and employee EBA allocation and entitlements set against every employee in Dataspace, you remain in complete control whilst putting the ordering back onto the employees.

Live Order Tracking

Through the Dataspace software and the Dataspace app, you can live track your order until delivery. With every status including picking, embroidery/printing, folding, QA check and/or order delivered live updated to your dashboard, you have complete transparency what stage your order is in the supply chain.

24/7 Access to Reports

Are you after reports on spend by employee, cost centre, department or even total spend across the company, Dataspace provides a full suite of reports available for extract 24/7.Simply select the report and the data range required and download to a CSV file.

ERP Integration

With complete integration into third party ERP platforms through staging tables in the cloud, Dataspace can provide you with the most streamlined and efficient ordering process our industry has seen. With no more manual ordering forms or double keying to obtain purchase orders, Dataspace saves you soft costs throughout the ordering process.

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