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Protecting Your Brand & Image

Protecting Your Brand & Image

July 26, 2017 by RWW 0 Comments.

The way your employees and contractors dress is not only a significant trigger to how they might perform on the job, but also how they – and your company, are perceived in terms of professionalism, trustworthiness and credibility. Research has repeatedly shown that people who look and feel “the business” are more likely to perform well, be given more credibility and present a more attractive and professional image to customers and prospective customers.


Customising and branding apparel not only sets your company apart from others, it can improve responsibility, customer service, and provide a sense of ownership throughout the company—from CEO to foreman to general workforce.


Reinforce and Marketing Company Branding

To set your company apart, you need to reinforce your company name, culture, and vision in everything you do. While things like a sign on a site or a pen at a trade show offer you one-off touchpoints, branded apparel will reinforce your company’s name and values every hour of every day that it’s worn. Putting a face to a brand will humanise your company, encourage company pride, and ultimately promote higher quality work and customer focus.


A Sense of Pride and Responsibility Throughout Your Organisation

Are you proud of your work? Are you proud of the people that do the work? If you answered no to either of these two questions, branded uniform might not be for you.



When company management decides to outfit employees in branded uniform, they are making one thing certain: They trust the people who will be wearing and portraying their brand, and by doing so are putting confidence in the people and processes in place. Could you imagine a company with a lax safety record, abrasive workers, or a history of mediocrity putting their logo on its employees?


Improves Quality of Work and Customer Service

By reinforcing a sense of pride in your brand, it’s likely that the face of your brand will reciprocate—demonstrating high-quality work and putting their own name on the line.


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