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Manufacturing Uniforms

Uniforms for workers in manufacturing jobs are an extremely important consideration for a company. They need to be many things: durable, comfortable, safe, and representative of a company’s brand. Manufacturing jobs are typically physically demanding and often require long hours, so it’s very important that a worker has a uniform that fits well and helps them to perform at their very best, all year round.
Thanks to Dataspace, our revolutionary workwear management system, ordering and managing your company’s customised uniform has never been easier. It’s a centralised ordering platform that gives you complete control over budgeting to help optimise cash flow and minimise admin tasks.
Find out more about Dataspace and our other customised workwear options by calling RWW Group at 02 6955 5999.

Safety Comes First

The number one priority in a manufacturing environment is safety, and manufacturing uniforms should meet all safety requirements specific to your industry. In particular, uniforms should be highly visible and should be free of unnecessary details such as loops or other embellishments that could get caught in machinery.

When considering manufacturing uniforms for your workers, it’s important to take the temperature of the working environment into account. Depending on where the work environment is located, a single uniform option might not be enough to get workers through the entire year. It’s worthwhile to consider breathable options for warm weather and more insulated options with outerwear for cooler weather.

Often manufacturing uniforms are not a one-size-fits-all solution. A company should evaluate its workforce and provide options that will help everyone to be comfortable and productive. Speak to our team at RWW to find out how you can customise your workwear to your working environment so that your workers can work comfortably and productively all year round!

Customise your uniform

Custom factory work uniforms should look professional and reflect the mission and brand of your company. Uniforms can accomplish this by incorporating corporate colours or logos. Attractive and functional uniforms can help boost morale and pride among workers while allowing for them to serve as ambassadors for your brand. Discuss your options with a team member at RWW Group by calling 02 6955 5999.

Some of our Brands

Strategically partnering with global recognised brands ensure’s RWW Group uphold their commitment to providing high quality products manufactured from the latest in textile development.

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