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Embroidery vs Heat Press Printing – which decoration method is better?

Embroidery vs Heat Press Printing – which decoration method is better?

May 25, 2018 by RWW 0 Comments.

We often get asked by many large companies RWW Group are privileged to partner with, “will printing last as long and look as good as embroidery”?

With over 24 years of operation behind us and having embroidery & heat press printing under our control in-house, RWW Group take your brand and image seriously. We are in business to protect the consistency of your brand and image to the wider audience & have explored most options available for value adding client logo’s.

Firstly, what is Embroidery and Heat Press Printing?

With embroidery, the logo is reproduced by stitching threads directly into fabric. The actual stitching process is fully automatic and performed by computerised embroidery machines. RWW Group have machines with 15 sewing heads with up to 15 needles per head. This means that 15 items can be embroidered simultaneously and the logo can include up to 15 thread colours. The first process requires digitising your logo which is transforming artwork into an embroidery file which is then transferred across to the embroidery machines. The garments are manually “clamped” and loaded onto the machine for the logo to be then stitched out onto the garments.

Heat press printing is another option RWW Group can offer customers, with 3 machines running all day we are capable of completing 2000 items per day. RWW Group uses the proven high quality print method of using plastisol inks with additional beading applied to help with durability of the print. Pastisol prints use the same process and quality as screen printing, however, instead of printing directly onto the garment, the design is printed onto release paper and then is heat pressed onto the garments. Because the plastisol film sits on top of the fabric, films can be applied equally well to dark and light coloured fabrics without affecting the colour of the print. 

So, now you know the methods, which is better?

When you are considering what decoration method to use for your organisation’s clothing orders, you need to consider 2 things.

1. What are the garments needing branding? (Workwear or Corporate Uniform)

2. How often will you place orders?

Workwear or Corporate Office Garments

For corporate office uniform such as business shirts, knitted jumpers and cardigans, softshell jackets etc, embroidery is generally the best choice. Embroidery on these items is perceived as more prestigious and represents your brand as quality. Office uniform will generally be worn by your staff for up to 3 years, so your logo must be able to cope with over 250 washes through the washing machine.

Switching over to workwear garments, RWW Group recommend heat press printing. Generally workwear will be replaced every 12 months so with printing a cheaper option, it is a no brainer option. Printing also allows for finer details within your logo to present sharper and cleaner appearance on your clothing. Take the image here for example with the Border Express logo – the bottom line of text is only 3mm high and the sharpness of the text is so much cleaner than if embroidered.

Order Frequency

Heat press printing requires a minimum initial set-up of 25 transfer release papers & depending on the size of your logo will govern how many logo’s fit onto a release paper. Eg; 1 release paper with the Border Express logo shown above has 10 logo’s. So x 25 sheets equals a minimum print run of 250 logo’s for Border Express. However, these logo’s on release paper is kept in stock and drawn from when orders are placed, so if you will be placing ongoing orders throughout the year, printing is still your best logo application option for workwear.

Embroidery has no minimum order run so can be used for all smaller corporate uniform orders & workwear garments if your order sizes don’t warrant a stock holding of printed release papers.

RWW Group look forward to hearing from you to show how we can help protect your brand & image to the wider world.

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