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Do your staff represent your brand professionally?

Do your staff represent your brand professionally?

October 4, 2016 by RWW 0 Comments.

Your staff are walking billboards for your company brand and image. Are they portraying the quality and professionalism that your sales team are guaranteeing your new prospects?

The way your employees and contractors dress is not only a significant trigger to how they might perform on the job, but also how they – and your company, are perceived in terms of professionalism, trustworthiness and credibility. Research has repeatedly shown that people who look and feel “the business” are more likely to perform well, be given more credibility and present a more attractive and professional image to customers and prospective customers.

Corporate Identity through Branded Work Wear and Uniforms

So why are branded uniforms and work wear so important to building a corporate identity and value? Uniforms have long been used to convey a sense of membership, loyalty and consistency across a group, and to remove distinctions when people are working together.

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Over time, a well-designed uniform can act as a form of ongoing promotion, effectively acting as “walking billboards” for the brand. The more invested in making uniform, work-wear and PPE an essential part of the overall corporate culture, the more likely that the business will benefit from a strong sense of trust at point of customer engagement and during staff and customer interactions. Depending on the business, the additional use of a uniform to include details of promotions and slogans can again reinforce messages when employees interact with customers.

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