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There may be many obvious opportunities within your organisation to streamline your uniform and safety procurement.

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How many staff within your organisation
are issued with uniforms?

How many suppliers do you have across
workwear, corporate apparel, PPE, footwear,
site safety and promotional categories?

Does your company currently have a set budget or
allocation per employee for uniform entitlements?

How do you currently monitor & track
your staff uniform budget and entitlements?

On average, how many items are returned per month due to incorrectly ordered garments?

Do you currently receive your uniforms individually pre-packed per staff member?

Do you currently have Quarterly Business Reviews
to identify opportunities for cost reduction
and continuous improvement projects?

How often are your ordering team
having to chase up back orders and check order status?

How long does it take for you to check the
order history of previous staff members?

What is the current supply time for your
branded clothing orders?

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